DarkBot the Talkie IRC bot !!!

Welcome to the world of the IRC's Talking Robot
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  • Darkbot is a very fast and small program written in C language which connects to IRC from an Unix or Windows operating system and automatically "talks" and responds to users' questions.
  • Originally created by Jason Hamilton as an aid for help channels to answer repeated questions from its virtually unlimited database, it has became a very popular talking robot in a generic sense, being used all over IRC networks for different purposes and in 18 languages.
  • Data can be added to it and managed dynamically online or edited in its database files offline.
  • An extensive but easy-to-understand list of commands and features, including some channel operation functions and levels of protection, makes Darkbot a very flexible but somehow powerful and complex robot, with almost human conversations and reactions.

LuizCB (Pincel)  
Project Administrator ]