Examples of DarkBot in action

Here are some examples of Darkbot in action- Keep in mind you need
to add topics to your bot to make it learn how to reply. If you're lazy
or don't have the mental capacity to make your own database, feel free
to download the pre-made info2.db from the download page. 

[08:45:19am] * sp00n has beer
[08:45:20am] <bot> sp00n, I love you man!
[08:45:22am] <sp00n> heh
[08:45:27am] * sp00n has candy
[08:45:27am] * bot is sp00n's new best friend
[08:45:37am] * sp00n pokes bot
[08:45:37am] <bot> ok ok, you can quit that now.

[13:20] <angell> ugh
[13:20] <bot> =Angell=: Wanna talk about it?
[13:20] <angell> no
[13:20] <angell> i'm going to lunch :p
[13:20] *** Quits: Angell (Leaving)
[13:30] <bot> Life is good.
[13:33] <galdronn> shuddap bot

[23:15] <bot> ping -R -s 39
[23:17] <zaf> yeah, I'm that stupid bot

[22:36] <zaf> FAT16 huh?
[22:36] <bot> IM NOT FAT! IM BIG BONED! -Cartman
[22:36] <angell> lol
[22:36] <zaf> nice quote bot
[22:36] <angell> he does that like all the time
[22:36] <angell> i think he's real

[2:16] *** Joins: _Nate (gchilds@206-114-180.ipt.aol.com)
[2:16] -bot:@#irc_help- _Nate is on #irc_help #100%leechsexpics
#adult_xxx_fserve #adult_erotica_multimedia #wyldkardz 
[2:17] <_Nate> what is the command to speed up dcc transfers
[2:17] <bot> Last I heard, to speak up your DCC's, try typing
/pdcc 200000 -- but make sure you are on a 14.4 or faster connection!
[2:17] <_Nate> thanks
[2:17] <bot> you're quite welcome, _Nate :)
[2:17] <rew_> heh
[2:18] <rew_> gotta get that pr0n faster :P
[2:18] <_Nate> yes
[2:18] * bot nods

[14:45] <malakai> bot calc my iq!
[14:45] <bot> Malakai: Illegal operation!
[14:45] <malakai> hahah

[3:12] *** Joins: Tboz (~st97ap@twr3.twr.ac.za)
[3:13] <tboz> hi
[3:13] <bot> hey Tboz! whatsup foo?
[3:14] <tboz> cool bot
[3:15] <tboz> Who are you a foo Bot you foo
[3:15] <bot> hey Tboz, I'm bot, running Darkbot5f2
[3:16] <tboz> i need a girlfriend jo do you have a sister
[3:17] *** Quits: Tboz (Leaving)

[17:41] <bot> (800) DARK-BOT, call today!
[17:43] <shrike-nr> Do you think anyone ever tried to call that number?
[17:43] <kosh> yeah

[21:57] <streak> i know that
[21:57] <bot> Streak, heh, and who in #irc_help belives that?

[4:18] <cave> hi
[4:18] <bot> Hey CAVE, whats up?
[4:18] <cave> can you talk with me?
[4:18] <bot> CAVE: of course i can!
[4:19] <cave> where are you from
[4:19] <bot> CAVE, I'm from a full tower BSD/OS box that resides in 
*Brunswick, NJ. U
[4:21] <cave> you are a German?

[18:05] *** Quits: Cloud (mBitchX: need we say more?)
[18:05] <bot> I even use BX.
[18:05] <beldar> hehe...
[18:10] <beldar> Doesn't anyone see the similarity in Cloud quiting and
what bot said?

[20:11] <grly> bot are you stupid? cause i think your brain has a sigh
that says Destroyed Out of order
[20:11] <bot> Grly, the only person in #Superchat with an IQ lower than 
their shoe size, is you.
[20:11] <grly> i knew it! 
[20:11] <grly> hes Stupid
[20:13] <grly> Shut up

[20:17] <sly11_> Bot how long are you here 24 hours a day do you get payed
for this
[20:17] <bot> Sly11_: I don't know.
[20:17] <sly11_> Bot how can you type that fast
[20:17] <bot> Sly11_: I don't know.
[20:17] <sly11_> hi bot
[20:17] <bot> sup Sly11_
[20:17] <shrike> Sly, I hate to tell you this, but bot is a bot :)
[20:18] <sly11_> oo

[18:13] <boss-grly> it wont work!!
[18:13] <boss-grly> it wont work!!
[18:13] <boss-grly> this sucks!
[18:13] <bot> Boss-Grly you suck WHAT??????? .... never mind i dont even
want to know

[23:54] <bot> Life is good.
[23:54] <mreedb> heh this from a bot

[22:10] <dknight> bot tell Kosh spudhammer
[22:10] <bot> Kosh: well, You are a gourd creature position with elbow nodule
control emitting rasberry jam squids upon my flat eyeball bulging
dog named "Herman". Please degorgonzolarate now. 

[13:45] <[Op]> Hi
[13:45] <bot> hey <[Op]gt;! whatsup foo?
[13:45] <[Op]> I have a question

[11:45] *** Joins: karma_wolf (besala@pm1-fm-21.superior.net)
[11:46] <bot> ;P
[11:47] <karma_wolf> hi
[11:47] <bot> Hey karma_wolf, whats up?
[11:47] <karma_wolf> are you a bot?

[20:29] <dknight> bot undernet
[20:29] <bot Dknight heh, To get to undernet type: /server irc.superchat.org
[20:29] <cdr> you have got to be kidding me

[20:39] <coral> I know that, but ok, tell me how to get to the superchat.org
[20:39] <bot> Coral, heh, and who in #superchat belives that?
[20:39] <corran_tetri> Uhmm
[20:39] <paranor> you are on superchat
[20:40] <coral> ok, I am so lost, and bot, be nice to me, this is
soooooooooo confusing, please

[23:08] * mregit slaps bot
[23:08] * bot slaps mregit back twice as hard!
<play> /kill bot
[23:09] <bot> heh. /kill play YOU ARE A L-O-S-E-R

[23:02] *** Paranor sets mode: +b *!*JAVuser@203.34.170.*
[23:02] *** aussieskater was kicked by bot (BANNED)
[23:02] <rapsux> thanks
[23:02] <bot> no prob rapsux!
[23:02] <rapsux> heh

[11:24] <zaf> bot pi
[11:24] <bot> Zaf: well, 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
[11:24] <zaf> now THATS accuracy!
[11:25] <rayden> oh gracious!  
[19:50] <thatvong> what the fuck you think you are kicker
[19:50] <bot> ummm thatvong?
[19:50] *** thatvong was kicked by RLD (get some toilet training (potty mouth))
[19:50] *** Joins: thatvong (~VL@lobolab97.unm.edu)
[19:50] <thatvong> fuck
[19:50] <bot> thatvong: Oooh, bad word...
[19:50] *** thatvong was kicked by RLD (get some toilet training (potty mouth))<br>  

[20:29] <db> Why are there so many lamers out today?
[20:29] <bot> heh, Cause its so much fun!

[6:10] <rew> can you make it so
[6:10] <bot> [rew] of course i can!

[17:40] <yeager> bk
[17:40] <bot> =Yeager=: ban kick
[17:40] <yeager> aw bot, please
[17:41] <yeager> bk stands for Burger King
[17:41] <yeager> man play teach that bot something useful :)

[19:18] <rew> what is a porn bot?
[19:18] <bot> hi rew, i'm Darkbot5b7! get me @ http://www.superchat.org/darkbot  
[19:18] <rew> haha
[19:18] <rew> i knew he made bot for a reason

[13:40] <frohike> bot erectile organ
[13:40] <bot> Frohike: I don't know.

[22:20] <gator> bot add *start+*+own+channel To start your very own IRC
channel type: /join #YourChannelName
[22:20] <bot> Okay, Gator :)
[22:21] <gator> how do I start my own channel?
[22:21] <bot> (Gator) To start your very own IRC channel type: /join
[22:21] <gator> bot I take back all those bad things i said about you

[20:08] <meade> play, can i have ops?
[20:08] <bot> heh Meade, glad you asked. Unfortunately, the answer (as it
will always be when you ask), no.

[19:30] <qbasic> bot is really annoying
[19:30] <bot> (Qbasic): I'm a work of art.
[19:31] <qbasic> no you're not

[1:37] *** bot was kicked by Uworld.undernet.org (u)
[1:37] *** Joins: bot (~database@irc1.worldnet.att.net)
[1:37] <bot> Uworld.undernet.org is a weenie...

[15:38] <lord_riff> bot netsex
[15:38] <bot> hmmm... Lord_Riff, you do not have enough access for that
[15:38] <lord_riff> haha
<play> bot was really popular when everyone had access.
[15:38] <bot> play: I heard I still am...

[10:54] <ghostcat> bot, you have my penis??
[10:54] <bot> (ghostcat): Who, me?
[10:54] <ghostcat> bot, yea you, you filthy bastard
[10:54] <bot> (ghostcat): whatever

[22:35] <katya> bot, i want to be ops
[22:35] <bot> (katya): I am I, don't you see me?
[22:36] <mregit> katya, check with the ops in your channel for their
policy in appointing new ops.
[22:36] <katya> bot, can't you appoint an ops?
[22:36] <bot> katya: I heard can't can't can't... why can't you be more
positive for a change?!
[22:36] <katya> bot, why do you keep on complaining?
[22:36] <bot> hmmm... katya, why ask why?
[22:36] <katya> bot, what's the use of asking if you don't even answer my
questions directly
[22:36] <bot> (katya): de nadda...
[22:37] <katya> bot, habla espanol?
[22:38] <katya> bot, do you know satan?
[22:38] <bot> Sorry, I don't have any entry for do..
[22:38] <katya> bot, why not?
[22:38] <bot> hmmm... katya, why ask why?
[22:39] <katya> bot, you just can't answer it
[22:39] <bot> (katya): Who, me?
[22:39] <katya> bot, yeah you
[22:39] <bot> katya: I heard
[22:39] <katya> bot, why is it that there's so many ops in this channel?
[22:39] <bot> katya: I heard why ask why?
[22:40] <katya> bot, just answer my question!
[22:40] <bot> katya, I don't know.
[22:41] <katya> bot, are there any other ops that i can askquestions to?
[22:41] <bot> (katya): who the hell knows...

[14:54] <fran51> bot, how do i acquire an email address w DrRuth for
[14:54] <bot> Wish I knew.
[14:55] <fran51> great..thanx
[14:55] *** Parts: fran51 (frab_625@e118.delmarva.net)

[11:33] *** Joins: Malvadim (elogica@
[11:34] <malvadim> hi for all!!!!
[11:34] <malvadim> alguém fala português
[11:34] <bot> Malvadim, try /join #brasil
[11:35] <malvadim> eu já vim de lá!
[11:35] <malvadim> eu quero é as salas dos USA
[11:36] <malvadim> is someone brazil?
[11:36] * bot is not!!! :P
[11:37] <malvadim> Ok!!! I go!!! bye!!!! good tarde for all!!!!!

[1:27] <klick> !8ball can you turn yerself off?
[1:27] <bot> klick well I checked the book of lameness and it says not
only is that false but your also a lamer

[18:07] <bot> Who's awake?
[18:07] <fred> not me
[18:07] <fred> im wide asleep
[18:07] <fred> or something

[17:25] <sundance> thank you
[17:25] <bot> heh, Sundance, don't even mention it.
[17:25] <sundance> at least the bots are nice
[17:25] *** Parts: Sundance (Sundance@okcnas2-13.ionet.net)

[20:08] <emily> it's a bird, its a plain, no it is superman
[20:08] <bot> [Emily] It's a plane...
[20:08] <emily> plane oops

[16:46] *** Joins: icon (jksmith@ppp4035.nt.internorth.com)
[16:46] <icon> Hi [16:46] <icon> Nothing
[16:46] <bot> heh icon. too bad

[17:34:16pm] <minotor> ?oui 
[17:34:16pm] <bot> what the hell are you trying to say, MinOtoR?
[17:35:00pm] <minotor> bot inventing a new prefixe, why ?:p
[17:35:01pm] <bot> MinOtoR, *shrug*

[00:58:50am] * sinister is back !
[00:58:50am] <bot> 'lo sinister
[00:59:27am] <sinister> i never know if i should say hi to that bot

[22:54] *** Joins: migueles (noBan@CUY2ppp-164.uc.infovia.com.ar)
[22:55] <migueles> hola,
[22:55] <bot> migueles: No hablamos espanol en este canal
[22:55] <migueles> no?
[22:55] * bot shakes his head
[22:55] <migueles> :(

[15:17] *** Quits: apryan (Dallas-R.* Baltimore-R.*)
[15:17] *** Quits: Lunee (Dallas-R.* Baltimore-R.*)
[15:19] <bot> did i do that!!???
[15:19] <play> lol

[17:23] <bot> If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have
monkeys and apes?
[17:24] <mregit> dear dear bot, you would have to meet my brother to
understand why.

[01:34] *** Joins: drjones (drjones@cr792230-a.glph1.on.wave.home.com)
[01:34] <drjones> hello bot
[01:35] <bot> hi drjones
[01:35] <drjones> how are you?
[01:35] <bot> drjones, I'm doing pretty good. You?
[01:35] <drjones> i am doing good
[01:35] <bot> drjones, good for you!
[01:35] <drjones> bot is play around?
[01:35] <bot> drjones, why don't you msg him and see?

[22:20] <[ara]> wow...
[22:20] <[ara]> I have no open wingates...
[22:20] <[ara]> what a smart bot =)
[22:20] <bot> hi [ara], i'm Darkbot5f2! get me @
[22:20] <play> heh
[22:20] <[ara]> not you, you useless pile of code...
[22:20] <bot> [ara], then why don't you stfu

[21:37] <rephlex> play, well that seemed to work. Should i make the
seen.db size smaller?
[21:38] <play> As you may have already heard, size doesn't matter
[21:38] <gator> haha
[21:39] <rephlex> heh.
[21:39] <bot> heh, rephlex is amused by the smallest things
[21:39] <gator> lol that fit bot, you are getting better

[09:53] <ara> bot kick play in the shins
[09:53] <bot> Ara, I don't know.
[09:54] <ara> hrm...
[09:54] <ara> useless bot =/

[10:23] <razor ^=""> Well this is boring..
[10:24] * Razor^ flashes the peoples eyebrow and exits
[10:24] <bot> hey Razor^, please don't humiliate your self, just put it back.
[10:24] <razor ^=""> uh
[10:24] <razor ^=""> ok
[10:24] *** Parts: Razor^ (Razor@98ADDE3C.ipt.aol.com)

[14:10] <undertake> DON'T U UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!
[14:10] <undertake> u all stink of poo
[14:10] <bot> Undertake just cuz its called right guard dont mean you
cant use it under your left arm!
[14:11] <undertake> shaddap bot
[14:11] <undertake> u smell of HORSE poo!

[20:24] <summer1> so whree are you from cloud
[20:24] <summer1> expresso are you male or female
[20:24] <bot> summer1, I have both male and female parts. 
[20:25] <summer1> oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:25] *** summer1 was kicked by bot (Okay, quit that crap)
[20:27] <jerint> heh

[16:30] <_WiNd_> bot, you suck
[16:30] <bot> _WiNd_, and you can eat me.

[11:01] <blueviper> y a tîl qqun qui parle francais ?
[11:01] <bot> BlueViper, sorry, we don't speak french here. Please try
asking in #aide
[11:01] <blueviper> okay
[11:01] <blueviper> sorry
[11:01] <bot> it's okay, BlueViper, really it is.
[11:02] <blueviper> !HELP
[11:03] <blueviper> thx
[11:03] <bot> np BlueViper
[11:03] <blueviper> ?
[11:03] <blueviper> what
[11:03] <bot> i dunno BlueViper.

[17:15] <goboom> hey play
[17:15] <wolfied> that sites down
[17:18] <bot> it's SuperMan!
[17:19] <wolfied> where?
[17:19] <wolfied> heh

[01:24] *** Joins: AutumnT (~askme@tns00516.singnet.com.sg)
[01:25] <autumnt> hi people
[01:25] <bot> Hello AutumnT, how's it hanging?
[01:25] <autumnt> Well, i am cool.
[01:26] <autumnt> Except that i am not used to talking to a bot.
[01:27] *** Parts: AutumnT (~askme@tns00516.singnet.com.sg)

[00:19] *** Joins: reyfoto (orbital@modem119-cisco8.sinectis.com.ar)
[00:19] <reyfoto> Hola buenas noches a todos?
[00:19] <bot> well, reyfoto: No hablamos espanol en este canal

[01:26] <tprodigy> no one seems to be alive...
[01:27] * wensu is away making lunch.
[01:27] <bot> see ya later wensu.
[01:27] <tprodigy> bot, are you human or are you a script ?
[01:27] <bot> TProdigy, lets put it this way, I'm about as human as you
are alive...
[01:29] <tprodigy> is the bot guy real or fake ?
[01:29] <play> bot is a bot
[01:29] <bot> play, only newbies would think that.
[01:29] <tprodigy> because it seems to have a good capacity....

[02:01] <galdronn> .
[02:01] <bot> Galdronn: period
[02:02] <galdronn> shup bot
[02:02] <bot> No Galdronn, you shup!!!!
[02:02] <galdronn> No! You shup bot!
[02:02] * Galdronn muahs
[02:02] * Galdronn triumphs over bot, once again.
[02:02] <play> if only you could spell so bot understood what you said.
[02:03] * Galdronn blehs

[20:56] <ugh> hi bot!
[20:56] <ugh> bot, would you like to stay on my channel 24/7 and aop me
whenever I go on it?
[20:56] <bot> ugh, I don't know.
[20:57] <ugh> why not?!?

[15:24] *** Joins: Java (~user5119@ST221.aug.edu)
[15:24] <java> sup
[15:24] <bot> hmmmmm... Java, Nothin' much right now..
[15:24] <java> ntin.jus tired
[15:25] <java> bot m/f
[15:25] <bot> (Java): i am asexual
[15:25] <java> whatttt
[15:26] <java> i must b in da wring room!!

[22:45] <kornboy> hi
[22:45] <bot> hey KoRnboy! whatsup foo?
[22:45] <kornboy> Nuttin much
[22:45] <kornboy> Are you black?

[21:24] <mrpunknj> bot i love you
[21:24] <bot> MrPunkNJ, too bad I can't say the same about you.
[21:24] <mrpunknj> bot you are not cool

[14:35] *** Joins: willie (phano2@btstts04c56.nbnet.nb.ca)
[14:35] <willie> help
[14:35] <bot> willie, what do you need help with? :)
[14:36] <willie> where am i
[14:36] <bot> willie, you're in #Superchat, on the SuperChat IRC Network
[14:36] <dmx> bot, are you gay
[14:36] * bot winks at dMx, and Snuggles upto Shrike
[14:36] <avenger12> lol
[14:36] <dmx> bot, suck my dick
[14:36] <bot> dMx: I don't know.
[14:37] <dmx> bot, faggot
[14:37] <bot> dMx: I don't know.

[17:18] <mreedb> url nukenabber?
[17:18] <bot> MReedB, I'm not the "url" bot.
[17:18] <mreedb> heh
[17:18] <efx> hehe
[17:18] <mreedb> bot nukenabber
[17:18] <bot> MReedB: well, NukeNabber! http://www.dynamsol.com/puppet/  

[16:57] <mauiwowie> hi how can I register a nick in undernet?
[16:58] <bot> Mauiwowie, sorry, you can't register nicknames on Undernet.
[16:58] <mauiwowie> that was a fast answer..

[0:45] *** Joins: efosdick (efosdick@1Cust30.tnt32.sfo3.da.uu.net)
[0:45] <efosdick> # Appears as DAN
[0:45] <bot> It appears to this # that you're a dorf efosdick!
[0:45] <efosdick> (#G588E286RM1) Yes

[15:11]<kosh> o
[15:11]<kosh> duh
[15:11]<bot> gee Kosh, even i knew that :P
[15:11]<kosh> why didnt i think of that
[15:11]<bot> because the voices in my head told me to, Kosh.
[15:11] <kosh> heh

*** Joins: Khar (~frederic@annex2-09.ecsis.net)
<khar> bot tell me about yourself
<bot> me: I don't know.
<khar> bot tell Khar about yourself
<bot> Khar: I don't know.
<khar> bot your an idiot
<bot> heh, Khar, you are such a retard. And it's spelled "you're" not your. :P

[20:02] <captjay> bot you
[20:02] <bot> CaptJay, u may wanna ask me about DARKBOT ...
[20:02] <captjay> bot that's not what i wanted =P
[20:02] <bot> CaptJay: well, that isn't what I wanted to hear

[16:21] *** M__Zero (Tom@trt-on11-44.netcom.ca) has joined #irc_help
[16:22] <m__zero> !help
[16:22] <m__zero> how do you register a channel on here is my question.
[16:22] <bot> =M__Zero=: If you wish to submit an application to register
an ESTABLISHED channel, or view New, Pending, Accepted, Rejected or
Cancelled applications, please visit our Web Site at:
http://cservice.undernet.org/live/. You must have the Valid e-mail
addresses and nicks of 10 Regular Users of your channel who support you, to
register it. The entire registration process takes approximately 10-12 days.
[16:22] <rew> bot is gooood

[19:58] <jazz> who owns bot?
[19:58] <bot> =Jazz=: play is my author. You can contact him @
[19:58] <jazz> i c
[19:58] <bot> Jazz u p! 
[20:00] <rew> heh
[20:00] <jazz> inftay
[20:01] <jazz> niftay even
[20:01] <jazz> typo
[20:01] <jazz> doh
[20:01] * bot slaps his forehead!
<play> what about bot?
[20:02] <bot> hi play, i'm a darkbot! get me @
[20:03] <jazz> its kwel
[20:03] <jazz> hehe
[20:03] <jazz> whats it written in, perl ?
[20:03] <bot> Jazz, if you are talking about me, I'm written in UNIX C.
My source is free (for non-commercial usage).

[16:56] <bot> Darkbot, got it in you?
[16:57] * mregit bites bot
[16:57] * bot chews out mregit.

[15:11] <nazrilf> anybody here besdies all the bots?
[15:11] <howells> Yeah :)
[15:12] <nazrilf> you wouldn't happen to know where I could get darkbot
3f5 woudl you?
[15:12] * bot thinks that nazrilf should know by now that
http://www.darkbot.net is the place to get darkbot! 
[15:12] <nazrilf> heh

[17:53] <guppy> brb
[17:53] <bot> Ok guppy. Don't be gone for long :)
[17:54] <howells> I don't understand the dat/info.db?
[17:54] <bot> heh, do I need to spell it out for you, Howells?
[17:54] <howells> bite me bot
[17:54] * bot chews on Howells's left arm.
[17:54] <shroud> Lol

[22:12] <kenny> !help
[22:13] <kenny> bot, how do I fake my IP?
[22:13] <bot> Kenny: I don't know.
[22:14] <kenny> darn ...
[22:14] <kenny> anyone else know?

[18:42] <[QMC]LoRd> cool
[18:42] <[QMC]LoRd> scripts
[18:42] <bot> welp... [QMC]LoRd: Scripts are programs run by an IRC
client, which makes the client respond to a command or event in
IRC, to a way specified in the script. Scripts are usually
in plaintext format. An example of a script event: When a user
joins a channel, a script could sent an auto-greet, or do an auto
[18:42] <[QMC]LoRd> i know
[18:42] <bot> sure you do, [QMC]LoRd :P
[18:42] <[QMC]LoRd> dammit
[18:42] <[QMC]LoRd> i know
[18:42] <bot> sure you do, [QMC]LoRd :P
[18:42] <[QMC]LoRd> ahh

[10:01] *** Joins: Terry (~JAVuser@rb27.superlink.net)
[10:01] <terry> Hello
[10:01] <bot> Howdi hi Terry. Hows it going?
[10:02] <terry> Hanging in there!
[10:02] <terry> Its dead in here!
[10:03] <terry> Anyone want to chat?
[10:03] <bot> hey Terry, this isn't a channel for "chatting", this is the
network help channel. If you need help, ask away, but if you want
a channel for chatting, type /msg h top
[10:03] <terry> cool thanks!
[10:04] *** Parts: Terry (~JAVuser@rb27.superlink.net)

<felton> shut up
<bot> listen carefully Felton, I know a lot more than you do - so if
anyone should shut up, it'll be "Felton" ... world's lamest lamer.
<felton> ok

[22:27] <spaceguy> bot, does play clone?
[22:27] <bot> Dam*it SpaceGuy, Im a bot, bot a encyclopedia. Why dont YOU
ask him for a change.
[22:27] <paranor> bot tell SpaceGuy about kinky
[22:27] * bot hands SpaceGuy a mouse and some electric tape...have fun :)
[22:27] <comomike> heh
[22:27] <spaceguy> rofl
[22:28] <angell> hahaha

[3:07] <bot> (800) DARK-BOT, call today!
[3:07] * DraStiK dials
[3:08] * Kosh wonders who he'd get if he called that #
[3:09] * DraStiK is away, Sleep [mbX(l/on p/on)]
[3:09] <bot> see ya later DraStiK.
[3:14] <bot> ;)

[15:04]<montem> bot, cservice
[15:04] <bot> well, Montem: CService is the Undernet committee which
handles all of the channel registrations. To find out more about
them, or to find out about registering an established channel, you
may either join #CService or go to http://cservice.undernet.org
[15:04] <keoki> thats the coolest bot i have ever seen, BTW
[15:07] <keoki> is he a 1.3.x?
<play> Keoki?
<play> Keoki, this is not an eggdrop.
[15:08] <keoki> ic
<play> Keoki, this is a darkbot. ask bot about darkbot if u want a copy
<play> bot dance
[15:08] * bot does a little dance for play
<play> bot thanks
[15:08] <bot> you're quite welcome, play :)
[15:09] <keoki> bot what is darkbot?
[15:09] * bot thinks that Keoki should know by now that
http://www.darkbot.net is the place to get darkbot! 
[15:09] <keoki> sweet

[14:14] <quik> hi
[14:14] <bot> hey quik! whatsup foo?
[14:16] <quik> bot, cisc
[14:16] <bot> hmmmmm... quik, Complex Instruction Set Computer
[14:16] <quik> hehe
[14:17] <quik> smart bot
[14:17] <quik> bot, root
[14:17] <bot> quik: well, root is the default SuperUser login account
name for unix boxen. The Superuser has permissions to read/modify
any files for any user. Misuse of this login can really mess up a
unix box
[14:17] <quik> bot, 31337
[14:17] <bot> welp... quik: read: elite
[14:17] <quik> bot, k-rad
[14:17] <bot> quik: k + radical. "A thousand points of rad."

[2:01] <zaf> thanks
[2:01] <bot> you're quite welcome, Zaf :)
[2:01] <zaf> not you bot
[2:01] * Zaf fwaps bot
[2:01] <zaf> damn bot, always taking the credit

[17:46] <bot> Anyone wanna see my pic?
[17:47] * Casper coughs, and shuffles quietly sideways... in the general
direction of away from bot
[17:47] <bellona> that's okay bot... you flash us enough as it is...
[17:48] <knight> bot rules
[17:48] <bot> Knight: thanks man

[16:08] <venus> hello?
[16:08] <bot> venus: hello
[16:09] <venus> shut up bot- i dont get u

[21:54] <tragum> bot has no balls!
[21:54] <bot> Tragum, I do? no crap...

[22:07] <zaf> bot I'm gonna whack you.
[22:07] <bot> no you're not Zaf, you're a dorf!
[22:07] <tragum> heh
[22:07] <bot> heh, Tragum said "heh" ... cool :)

<play> bot suck Altruist's eyeballs out of his skull
<bot> well, play: you do not have enough access to suck

[20:34] <paranor> how are you tonight sweety? =)
[20:34] <bot> Paranor heh, I'm doing great!
[20:34] * Paranor thwaps bot
[20:34] * bot yells OUCH!!
[20:35] <ktk> ewww bot loves par

[19:44] <beta> I hate bot
[19:44] <bot> no you dont, Beta. everyone loves me... you just need to
take your medication
[19:44] <beta> hate
[19:44] <beta> I hate you
[19:44] <beta> I don't have medication
[19:45] <beta> get out bot

[23:40] <bot> blah blah
[23:41] *** Quits: bot (irc2.att.net is stoned!)
[23:41] *** Joins: bot (~database@irc1.worldnet.att.net)
<play2k> stupid bots
[23:42] <bot> Don't make me get up and kick your ass, play2k.
<play2k> heh

[04:00] <b3aut |ful=""> HI
[04:00] <bot> hey b3aUt|fuL! whatsup foo?
[04:00] <b3aut |ful=""> I AINT NO FOO

[20:33] <ylime> who cool I like the right mouse button!
[20:33] <ylime> wow
[20:33] <bot> holy s!@t ylime!@#
[20:34] <rew> you can tell she was raised on a mac

[10:36] <dmx> BOT, are you a damn transexual with male and female parts?
[10:36] <bot> DmX Hell Yea!
[10:36] <zaf> DmX cut it out

... and FINALLY!

[1:56] <h> whats this new bot do?
[1:56] <h> human like responces
<play> read the web page
[1:56] <h> hmm once when i was fed up with women
[1:56] <h> i tried coding a girlfriend
[1:56] <h> as a bot
[1:56] <h> will i be able to do this with this bot of yours? :D
<play> yes u can
[1:58] <h> i shall name her jennifer

Have fun, folks ;)